Household Appliance Service: How To Fix Common Home Appliances

The problem with your residential appliance need not always be complicated. At times, simply pushing the button of the machine or flipping the circuit breaker can solve the problem. Here are some quick fire solutions to some of your machine problems before you consider calling for help from Appliance Repair Charlotte experts.

Garbage Disposal

All garbage disposal machines come with a safety feature that automatically shuts off the machine when the motor is too hot or is overloaded. When the motor cools down, just press the reset button, which is under the unit or at the side. If you hear humming sound and the machine does not spin, it indicates that something is stuck in the machine. Switch off the appliance and try turning the blade using a wrench. Ideally, you should use the Allen wrench to turn the blade.


When the light stops working, the first thing you must check is the circuit breaker. But you shouldn’t stop there. If the circuit breaker is fine, you must check if the GFCI outlet has tripped. At times, the lights of your room or bathroom are powered by a single GFCI, which is located in room, bathroom, or any other secure location of your house. Just pushing the rest button on the GFCI should solve the problem.


If the fridge stops working on a hot day and you have a fury pet in your home, check the machine coil for pet. This is a common problem in most refrigerators. Machine coils are black tubes that you normally find on the back of your household appliance. This coil cools down the fluid in the machine compressor. When hair gets built-up on the coils, the machine will overheat and the overload switch will trip. You can solve this problem without professional help by cleaning the coil using a vacuum cleaner.

Gas Stove

If the stove burner is not igniting, the problem may be due to food spills blocking the igniter holes. You don’t have to call a stove technician to solve this problem. You can troubleshoot the problem by taking an old toothbrush and cleaning the igniter. If you are using an electronic stove, make sure the ceramic strike plate is seated properly.

Electric Range

The electric stove burner does not heat, turn off the burner, and pull the plug from the socket. Then plug in the socket once again and check if it is loose. If it is loose, just adjust the prongs and the problem is solved.

Oven Controls

If you have set the “time cook” function of the machine, it will not turn on until the appointed time. If the digital display of the oven reads “time cook”, “delay”, or “hold”, it means that the timer is engaged. You must clear the feature by pushing the off button. If there is a major oven repair, it is best to get help from expert technicians qualified and experienced in handling the oven service.


If the machine rocks when the drum rotates, you can solve the problem by readjusting the legs. Adjust the front legs using a locking nut until the cabinet is level. To adjust the rear leg, tilt the machine forward and adjust the leg.


Many dryer repairmen, who have responded to dryer not heating calls, have found that the dryer is set to fluff air setting, which is a non-heat seating. To avoid this embarrassment, check the setting before you call the Appliance Repair Atlanta repairman. At times, poor drying may be due to clogged lint filter. The filter may appear to be clean but it may be covered by a thin invisible film that is caused by dryer sheet. This film reduces the airflow and shut off the thermostat before the clothes are dry. You can test the condition of the filter by pouring water into it. If the water holds, you must clean the filter immediately.

Air Conditioner

If you shut down or switch on the air conditioner repeatedly, chances are you will shut off the circuit breaker or blow off the fuse or make it impossible for the machine to respond. This is because when you switch off the air conditioner in high compression mode, you will make it difficult for the machine to start until the compression is released. If the compressor is forced to switch on in this mode, it will overload the circuit and blow the fuse. So, next time you switch off the machine, be patient and switch on the machine only after about five minutes.