Do It Yourself Refrigerator Repair & Appliance Maintenance Tips For homeowners In Houston TX

When it comes to refrigerator repair company, it is important that you act in a quick manner as delaying to fix these problems can turn a refrigerator repair small problem into a big problem. If your refrigerator is not working like it normally does, you typically have two options, to call an appliance repairman or to do it yourself. And in actuality, there are numerous amounts of fridge repairs that can be done by the homeowner by making some simple adjustments and some simple fridge

Now let us look at some typical signs of when your fridge would need fixing as well as some recommendations on how you can fix them or find a suitable maytag fridge repair near me in Houston, Texas:

  • Fluctuating temperatures

This is when your fridge is either too cold or too warm, and sometimes it is freezing your food item. What you should do in this case is to check the control dial that regulates the internal temperature of your unit. If making adjustments to the dial do not fix the problem, then our next step will be to take a look at the coils of the condenser. It is not uncommon for these coils to get covered in dust and other debris, which could cause it not to cool properly. So clean the coils off and see if you notice a difference, if not the next step would be to make adjustments to the internal thermostat, you may need a professional for this step.

  • Leaks

If your refrigerator is leaking, you need to act fast so that you can minimize the damage to the floor and other items in your home. The first thing to check for this problem is your condensing defrost tray which is located under the refrigerator. This tray could be causing the leak if it is not evenly level or damaged. If the leak is on the inside of the refrigerator then you should check the humidity control, another thing you could check is the water lines that go to the ice and water dispenser.

  • Loud Noises

If you notice any loud noises that are out of the normal such as banging sounds or knocking, then you have a problem. First, try and identify where the noise is coming from. If the noise seems to be coming from the back of the unit, it could be a loose fan or compressor. If the strange sound is from the front or underneath you could try loosening the screws for the defrost tray.

  • No Power

If your refrigerator is not running, then it could be a power problem. Check to make sure the unit is plugged in properly and if that doesn’t work, try and plug another device into the same outlet to see if the outlet is the problem.  If all those check out ok, then see if the light inside the fridge comes open when you open the door, if it doesn’t try replacing the bulb, if you put a new bulb in and it still doesn’t work, then the fridge is not receiving power which could indicate that there is a power cord problem.

Now if you have a situation where the light comes on, but the refrigerator is not cooling then it probably has something to do with the cold control or the condenser.