Household Appliance Repair & Maintenance Service VS Consumer Guarantees And Warranties

Before you buy any home appliance, it’s important to understand your consumer rights especially when it comes to guarantees and warranties. This is important because you may or not need appliance repair if your machine fails.

A guarantee is a legal promise from your appliance manufacturer to replace or repair any product defects within a fixed period of time which is usually within the first year from the time you bought the appliance. The document should also show clear guidelines in making a claim. A guarantee is free of charge.

A warranty is a legally binding promise whereby a consumer accepts the sold product and takes responsibility for any repairs or defects over a certain period of time. It’s a consumer’s insurance policy for the household appliance he/she has bought. A warranty usually lasts longer than a guarantee and is not free, a consumer pays premium for it.

Most people buy their home appliances from local retailers. If your product guarantee entitles you to a replacement or a refund, then your residential retailer should take responsibility. You’ll be misguided if your retailer avoids responsibility and sends you back to the appliance manufacturer.

The kind of appliance you have bought and the way you present your complaint will determine whether you are going to get a replacement, refund or compensation. If you only used the new appliance a few times and it didn’t perform as per its description, then you are entitled to a replacement or refund.

If you have used your appliance a few times and you are applying for a refund from your retailer, then appliance repair is not worth it. Your retailer has no right to claim or deduct a sum from the appliance’s original cost as a compensation for use of the appliance.

Sometimes, the defect may only be minor and not a major one that will need to be checked by a technician. Your consumer rights to ask for a refund or replacement are still valid if you are not fully satisfied with the minor defect. If it’s a major one, you may consider calling a factory-authorized appliance repair company to have it checked at a reduced price or for free.

A brand new appliance like a washing machine or dishwasher may leak water to your carpet and spoil it. If your new appliance becomes problematic and causes damage to your property, costly appliance service is not very helpful. You have the right to claim for more compensation which should exceed the price at which you bought the appliance.

Before buying and shipping an appliance to your house, it’s worth reading and understanding your consumer rights. Though you may get a trustworthy repairman for Appliance Repair Miami Florida to fix your problematic appliance, avoid the unnecessary costs by claiming your rights whenever appropriate and call a professional service technician for routine maintenance of your appliances.